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The Five Best Uniforms of the 2012-13 College Football Season

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The Five Best Uniforms

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Uniforms in college football have often been debated. There are really good uniforms and there are really bad uniforms. Everyone has a unique preference as to what they think are good qualities for a college football uniform and which are bad qualities.

A classic example of this is when the Maryland Terrapins unveiled new uniforms which had the state flag and colors all over them. These uniforms have been described in a number of different ways. Some think it looks as though “the state flag vomited on them”. Others like the design.

Another example is any given design for the Oregon Ducks, as they come out with new uniforms almost every Saturday.

Some feel as though uniforms should never change, while others like the idea. Personally, I think a combination of the two views is best. Some schools have a deep tradition that stems from what threads its players wear on game day. These are the schools that should keep their uniforms consistent for hundreds of years.

Then you have schools that have never really had a recognizable uniform combination and could change weekly without upsetting anyone other than older traditional fans of the school. In this case, I think it would be great to go for the wildest combination as possible, as long as it’s approached with class.

The point I’m getting to here is that some new uniforms work and others don’t.

Here are five from the 2012-13 college football season that did work and were quite pleasing to the eye.

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Oklahoma State's Grey Helmets

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Oklahoma State unveiled the grey helmets against the Baylor Bears on December first. These uniforms just look crisp. They sort of resemble a throwback, but at the same time have a new, slick feel to them.

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Rutgers American Helmets

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The helmets Rutgers wore against the Army Black Knights were simply awesome. These are one of the nicest aspects of a uniform I have seen in quite some time. It screams patriotism and was a great idea for playing Army.

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Arizona State's Black, Yellow, and White

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ASU rocked its new uniforms against the Navy Midshipmen on Dec. 29. While some may not appreciate these uniforms, I think they are smooth and have a nice modern feel.

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Virginia Tech's Military Appreciation Uniforms

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Virginia Tech rocked the camouflage helmets against the Bowling Green Falcons on Sept. 22 as part of Military Appreciation Day. The helmets made the uniform, as it isn’t all that common to see camouflage helmets on a football uniform and an even greater tribute to veterans.

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Missouri's Bold Yellow

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Missouri wore its new yellow and black uniforms on Oct. 27 against the Kentucky Wildcats. These uniforms are the definition of what new age football uniforms should look like. Everything from the helmet logo to the cleats is clean and sharp.