Texas Longhorns OC Major Applewhite Admits to Inappropriate Relationship With Student

By Kris Hughes
Brendan Maloney – USA TODAY SPORTS

Just when Texas Longhorns fans thought perhaps things were finally getting back to normal on the Forty Acres, some earth-shattering news has come to light regarding one of the program’s favorite sons.

According to University of Texas student newspaper The Daily Texan, newly-minted Texas offensive coordinator Major Applewhite had an inappropriate relationship with a student during 2009.

The exact quote from Applewhite to The Daily Texan is as follows:

Several years ago, I made a regretful decision resulting in behavior that was totally inappropriate. It was a one-time occurrence and was a personal matter. Shortly after it occurred, I discussed the situation with DeLoss Dodds. I was upfront and took full responsibility for my actions. This is and was resolved four years ago with the University.

Through counsel I have worked with my wife and the incident is behind us. I am regretful for my mistake and humbled by this experience. I am deeply sorry for the embarrassment it has caused my friends, family, and the University. I appreciate all of them. I’ve learned and grown from this and look forward to my work at Texas.

Given that Applewhite has indeed admitted to his actions and received prior punishment for them — which included a year-long salary freeze during 2009 up until January 2010 — and also met with a counselor as mandated by the university, we have to figure that nothing additional in terms of punishment will come down.

It’s also interesting given the timing of the incident and the fact Texas passed on Applewhite to become offensive coordinator for the 2010 season — opting instead for him to share duties with Bryan Harsin, now the head coach of the Arkansas State Red Wolves. Many questioned the decision at the time to not give Applewhite full reign, but given what we now know, the outrage should this have been uncovered at that time would have been substantial and Texas had no choice but to wait things out.

And it appears it’s not over just yet.

According to an article by KXAN, the local NBC affiliate in Austin, the Texas Board of Regents has scheduled a special telephone meeting for this coming Sunday morning to discuss legal matters concerning university athletic personnel. Given tonight’s breaking news, it’s reasonable to assume this has something to do with Applewhite’s situation and any pending legal matters surrounding it.

Regardless, it’s a shocking development for someone thought to be the next in line to coach the Texas Longhorns with Mack Brown‘s eventual retirement from the game, whenever that time may come.

We’ll definitely keep you all updated as this story continues to unfold for better or worse.

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