Blood Is Thicker Than Water: Robert Nkemdiche Will Definitely Sign With The Ole Miss Rebels

By Daniel Ellington
Spruce Derden-US Presswire

After all the hoopla and charades and flip-flopping signing day is finally upon us. With the number one prospect, Robert Nkemdiche, still uncommitted anticipation for national signing day has been building for months. Today we shall find out where he and hundreds of other players intend to receive their higher education, and oh yea, play football of course.

First, his brother Denzel Nkemdiche is already a budding star for the Ole Miss Rebels. Honestly, who doesn’t want to play the game you love with your brother? I know sibling rivalry is a good thing but I think they’ll save that battle for the pros. Right now the brothers will work for a common goal, a crystal pigskin. On the other hand, anytime I can beat my older brother at anything and claim bragging rights its a good day, so you never know.

Second, Robert Nkemdiche’s mother previously made a public statement on how she wants the brothers to play together. That’s an important aspect. After all the calls and emails stop and these kids actually start school they need a support system. Being thrust into the national spotlight must be exhausting and what’s worst is you don’t know who’s really looking after your best interest.

For example look at the Manti Te’o scandal, yea he was extremely gullible and naive, but who expects somebody to do crazy stuff like that. With success comes haters and everyone needs someone who will keep you grounded when the critics and crazies come out the woodwork.

There’s not a doubt in my mind that Robert Nkemdiche will sign with Ole Miss.

Yea he went on plenty of visits and has been swayed with all the best legal trickery know to college sports and why not? Why not enjoy the spotlight while you’ve got it and increase your stock in the process? Why not build the hype yourself and take power back from the media, the recruiters and the guys like me who sit around eating cheesy poofs writing about football while your on the gridiron doing two-a-days

Any university that signs the number one pick gets free publicity, alumni donations, increased ticket sales, better recruits next season and hopefully a chance to compete for a national title.

In the words of the great Tupac Shakur, I ain’t mad at cha.

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