Oklahoma Sooners Won't Miss Cody Thomas

By Curt Popejoy
Blake Bell
Tim Heltman-USA TODAY Sports

College football recruiting is always a fascinating competition to see which teams can snag the top high school players in the country. And it’s a competition that it seems the same teams win year after year. It’s an endless cycle of the top players selecting the same group of schools and often times at the determent of the student athlete. Athletes select schools even when their odds of having an impact are questionable and in many cases end up never living up to the potential they displayed in high school for no reason but their own. Being buried on a depth chart, and in many cases being forced to transfer is never a good thing.

For the Heritage(TX) high school quarterback Cody Thomas, that means finding his way to Norman to play for the Oklahoma Sooners. But rumors are coming out now that the talented signal caller might forgo college athletics and instead opt for the MLB draft. This has many Sooners fans up in arms about what this will mean for the program. I don’t happen to be one of those people.

It’s probably because I have a very clear understanding of just how good Sooners quarterback Blake Bell can be. He’s been a novelty in the offense the past two seasons, but in 2013 the new offense will be tailored to suit him and will be explosive. Those criticizing Bell have pointed to his lack of pass attempts and how he’ll fit in the Sooners high powered passing offense. But I think it’s clear with this group of quarterbacks, there will be significant changes to how things run in Norman.

And speaking of that depth chart, I get back to why, should Thomas opt for major league baseball, things will be in good hands. Beyond Bell the Sooners have sophomores Kendal Thompson and Trevor Knight waiting in the wings and while they aren’t known nationally, they are very good. Knight in particular who served as the scout team quarterback for much of the season has had praise heaped on him by his teammates and even with Bell as a starter should figure into the mix with his explosive athletic ability, in particular with his feet. These two young men will be more than adequate at backing up Bell.

Obviously, I don’t consider losing a top flight recruit at any position a good thing. Recruiting at Oklahoma has already taken a hit over the past few seasons, so of course they want every good player on board. But should Thomas decide to pursue a professional baseball career, let’s not act as if the sky is falling on the Oklahoma offense, because that’s simply not the case. But should Thomas chose to come to the Sooners and play football, I do not expect the starting job to be handed to him, and I honestly can’t see a scenario where he outplays Bell and wins it. Thomas’ future is very bright whichever path he chooses and I wish him well, but if I’m head coach Bob Stoops, I understand what I have and don’t worry about what I do not.

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