Pittsburgh Beefing Up for 2013 College Football Season

By Jeric Griffin
pittsburgh panthers football
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

To say the Pittsburgh Panthers have been through it tho so offseason on the recruiting trail is an understatement. This school has seen so many recruits flirt with it and then leave it in the dust that Pitt will be celebrating Singles Awareness Day this month. Seriously, though: things aren’t that bad for the Panthers, who may not have a ton of skill-position players among their recruits, but they have plenty of talent and heart, which is sometimes the superior of the two.

Among Pitt’s 27 verbal commitments for 2013, the Panthers have one quarterback, one running back, five receivers, five tight ends, five offensive linemen, six defensive linemen, one linebacker, one defensive back, one kicker and one all-around athlete in Reginald Green, who might play receiver, defensive back or both this year.

Look at the very middle of that list and you’ll see 11 linemen in all–five offensive and six defensive. Most of those players are two- and three-star recruits, but they are all what one Big East scout calls “good kids.”

The notion around Pitt is these players are all big and strong, but are filled with potential that is not even close to being reached yet. Despite the fact the Panthers aren’t bringing in a ton of skill-position players, if half of these linemen recruits pan out, they’ll be plowing through their opponents on offense and stifling them on defense. At any level of football, the game is won and lost in the trenches and if this truckload of linemen recruits turns out to be a solid bunch of players, Pitt could be pretty good in the next few years to come.

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