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Questions Arise As The Maryland Terrapins Near Signing Day

Chris Stringer- USA TODAY

The Maryland Terrapins begin their off-season Wednesday, February 6th with the 2013 National Signing Day. The nation’s top football recruits will put their signatures on offer sheets from selected schools and commit themselves to play at the next level. The season will be the school’s last with the ACC. A move in November of 2012 championed by University of Maryland President, Wallace D. Loh will have the school packing it’s bags for the Big 10 conference beginning with the 2014-15 season.

Or will it be the Big 13? Perhaps the Big 14? Maybe the brass involved will simply keep it as the Big 10 no matter how many teams call the conference home? Only time will tell. For now, the Terps will have one final season to say their goodbyes to their old rivals and make the most out of their new situation.

What does that move do for the school in terms of recruiting? Will a move out to the Midwest spark interest from recruits in those states to Maryland? Who wants to play for Maryland? Let’s all be honest with ourselves here. In the past, Maryland’s recruits have mostly come from in and around the state.

It’s also highly likely for the school to land incoming recruits that were turned away from powerhouse leaders in the Big 10: Ohio State Buckeyes, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Michigan Wolverines, and the Penn State Nittany Lions. There are many who believe players with offers from every other school in the conference will almost always choose another school over Maryland. Heck, even most of the good talent inside of Maryland’s borders have chosen to attend a school with more football prestige and potential over Maryland in the past. That’s not a problem new to the school’s football program.

Geographically,  Maryland doesn’t quite fit in either. The ACC sure made sense as Maryland indeed is an Atlantic coast state. Traveling to rival schools now is easier than it will be in the BIG 10. Will that affect recruits choices?  Is that ammo for other recruiters?  One would think a player living in an Atlantic state would have ties to one of the schools in the East.

What we have now is a sort of pseudo, lame duck season Maryland recruiters are faced with. Will the 2013 class be better than years past or absolutely dreadful? Does the hometown appeal have an effect anymore? Will the allure of the Big 10 aid or hurt Maryland’s recruiting class? All of these are questions that arise for the upcoming season.

Keep in mind, the actual play of Maryland hasn’t been addressed yet. In short, they stink. And they will take that smell with them to the Big 10 following the 2013-14 season. It’s been said this move was made for money. The move ensures Maryland Football financial security for years to come. There was a time where tickets were hard to come by.  Can Maryland get back to that level of play?

The University of Maryland has never been known as the school good football players want to come to for their college career. But what has it become now? For a kid with superior football talent and a dream, how does the football program offer a chance to succeed?  For the time being, fans want to know as well:

Who wants to play for Maryland?