Jeremy Pruitt May Have Been Florida State's Most Important Addition

By Jack Jorgensen
Bob Donnan- US Presswire

After yet another year in which the Florida State Seminoles were considered by many to have one of the top ten recruiting classes in the country, it’s always fun after the smoke clears and try to pick out who the best was out of the group this year. As I sat back to do that, I realized something. I’m not completely sure that the real gem of the 2013 FSU recruiting class was even a teenager at all. The real x-factor of this year’s recruiting effort was not only a coach, but a coach who hasn’t even coached a game on the sidelines yet for the Seminoles.

It was announced back in December that Jimbo Fisher had added Alabama Crimson Tide defensive backs coach Jeremy Pruitt to his staff to replace the departing Mark Stoops. Given the recent success of the Alabama defense, especially the secondary, Pruitt was seen as a more than suitable replacement for Stoops, who had accepted the head coaching position for the Kentucky Wildcats.  In addition to Pruitt’s impressive position coaching resume, it was more his recruiting resume that had the Seminole faithful excited about the hire.

For the past few seasons, Pruitt has widely been regarded as one of the best, if not the best, recruiters in the nation. The results are clearly visible, with Alabama having won the last two national championships. With a mass exodus of FSU coaches to other schools as the season ended, Florida State needed someone like Jeremy to help keep the 2013 class intact.  And with today’s results, it appears that he did his job.

The impact of the hire was felt early on. A mere hours after Alabama had captured that second national championship, top DT recruit, Demarcus Walker, had announced that he was rescinding his commitment to the Tide and had instead decided that he wanted to play in Tallahassee, Florida. Walker enrolled early at FSU and the Jeremy Pruitt experiment was off and rolling.

Although we never truly know what goes on throughout the whole recruiting process, one would have to assume that, without Pruitt, there is a good chance that the results may have been a little different today for Florida State. The scariest part is, if Pruitt is capable of keeping a class like this together with just a little over a month to do it, what are the classes going to look like when he’s on the recruiting trail full-time for Jimbo Fisher? With many speculating that the 2014 pool of talent may be one of the best of all-time, having Pruitt around could be one of the best pick ups in years for the Seminoles, player or coach.


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