Jordan Cunningham Makes Statement Beyond Football

By Jack Jorgensen
Evan Habeeb-USA Today Sports

It seems as if not only did Vanderbilt University land one of the top WR recruits in the country in Jordan Cunningham, they also landed one of the most well-rounded young men in the country. With a morning where we’ve noticed just how awkward it is for a teenager to speak to the nation, Cunningham not only spoke well, but he wasn’t afraid to let his life intentions be known to a lot of us who don’t even know him.

For most of the day today, we’ll sit and watch a slew of recruits sit in front of a microphone and let us know where we can see them on fall Saturdays for the next few years. This is something that we’re used to seeing on the first Wednesday of every February. It was refreshing, however, to have a young man not only let us know where he’s going to be catching passes, but also beginning the journey for the rest of his life.

Recruits are not afraid to tell you that they’re goal out of this whole process is to make it to the NFL one day. The name of that league never came out of that young man’s mouth once. He obviously sat down with his family, closest friends, or both, and seriously given a lot more thought to this than who he’s just going to be running routes for.

We have to give kudos to Commodores head coach, James Franklin, also. After a more than acceptable season last year in the SEC, Franklin is doing a good job building this program, that was once even lower than an afterthought. If Vanderbilt keeps recruiting talented young men like this with the level heads to go with them, Franklin could be building one of the most stand-up programs in the country.


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