JUCO Players Key To Texas Longhorns Recovering From Weak 2013 Recruiting Class

By Spenser Walters
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2013 NCAA Football recruiting season wrapping up today with a multitude of signings, there is cause for celebration for many programs. The Texas Longhorns are not one of them.

There is a palpable amount of concern in Austin because the Longhorns used to dominate recruiting in the Lone Star State, but are now being out gunned on their home turf by seemingly everybody. Schools inside and outside of the state of Texas are snatching up players left and right that UT should be landing, or worse yet thought they had landed only to see them back out of their commitments. I’m not going to be anywhere near as gloomy as some have been about Texas’ 2013 recruiting class, though.

Yes the class is weak. Yes they won’t sign a single defensive lineman. Yes the Texas A&M Aggies will surely have a better group of incoming players than Texas, and the TCU Horned Frogs might even best the ‘Horns. However, all is not lost because recently Texas has been taking a closer look at JUCO players.

Texas has already locked up a couple of JUCO players for 2013, including offensive tackle Desmond Harrison who is a mountain of a man at 6’8” 310 pounds. I think that further exploration into the JUCO ranks will be the Longhorns answer to coming up short overall in 2013.

I know Texas fans are fickle and lazy, but this instant panic is a bit much. I’ve seen how quickly the stands at DKR – Texas Memorial Stadium empty when a team, be it the Longhorns or the opponent, is up by two possessions, but cashing in at this point because of one weak recruiting class is ignorant.

Texas is a powerhouse football program. The Longhorns have had a few rough seasons but I think that right now they have to be considered, if not the favorite, in the top three to win the Big 12 in 2013. It won’t be all that hard to recover from one ugly recruiting class, and a big key to that will be investing in some JUCO players that will be able to come in and contribute immediately.

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