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National Signing Day: Top Ten Florida Gators Recruits

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Florida Gators Top Ten 2013 Recruits

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Florida is one of the hotbed recruiting states when it comes to college football and one of the flagship universities continues to rack up the top recruits.

The Florida Gators once again bring in one of the top recruiting classes in the country, a consensus top five national class. Who wouldn’t want to be a Gator with their winning tradition, favorable weather and attractive coeds?

Those are just a few of the traits that draw recruits to Gainesville but first and foremost the recruits that decide on Florida commit because they have the chance to win right away. Last season the Gators were one of the top teams in the country and although they lost their BCS bowl game they still had a successful year.

Will Muschamp will be entering his third season at the helm and he will have a boatload of talent at his disposal. Most notably are the incoming recruits he’ll have for 2013, headlined by five-star DB Vernon Hargreaves III and RB Kelvin Taylor. They are the top two recruits at their respective positions and they should provide an immediate impact next season.

They reloaded on defense and added more offensive weapons to open up their play calling for next season. The talent they brought in this year alone is enough to make almost every other program in the country jealous but it’s how they will be coached up at the collegiate level that will set them apart.

Kudos to Muschamp and his staff for bringing in another top-notch recruiting class and here’s the top 10 recruits that will try and bring another national championship to Gainesville.

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10. LB Alex Anzalone


Hometown: Wyomissing, PA

6-foot-3, 230 pounds. Rating: Four stars

Anzalone had a whirlwind recruiting experience committing to Ohio State ad Notre Dame before finally settling on Florida. His dad went to medical school at Florida so he was familiar with the Gators and their coaching staff. Plus the Gators lacked LB depth so he figures to get immediate playing time, especially since he’s enrolled already and will participate in spring ball.

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9. OLB Matt Rolin


Hometown: Ashburn, VA

6-foot-4, 210 pounds. Rating: Four-stars

Rolin was originally committed to South Carolina but decommitted in December. He is coming off of a torn ACL but he is an aggressive playmaker who’s also extremely effective in zone coverage. His size and athleticism will allow him to transition smoothly to the next level. Probably his best trait is his ability to be a consistent wrap up tackler.

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8. WR Alvin Bailey


Hometown: Seffner, Fla

5-foot-11, 175 pounds. Rating: Four stars

Bailey was a target position for the Gators as they look to move away from their one-dimensional running offense from a season ago. His dynamic playmaking ability will stretch the field and allow the offense to fire on all cylinders. He’ll most likely transition into a slot WR position and possibly could play some QB in the wildcat formation. Florida’s main goal will be just to get the ball in his hands and let him do the rest.

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7. S Marcell Harris


Hometown: Orlando, Fla

6-foot-1, 210 pounds. Rating: Four stars

With his size and ability Harris will likely settle into more of a run-help safety but he can hold his own in man and zone pass coverage. Harris’ play recognition can use some work but he makes up for it with explosive breaks on the ball. Starting out, Harris might be used just in nickel or dime packages but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him eventually slide into a starting role.

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6. S Keanu Neal


Hometown: Bushnell, Fla

6-foot-1, 205 pounds. Rating: Four stars

Neal is probably one of the most college ready players coming out of high school and he should contribute right away. He’s very instinctive and he has great closing speed in both the run game and the passing game. Neal is a solid wrap up tackler but he can also be an explosive hitter. At Florida he has the potential to put on some bulk and turn into a hybrid linebacker but he’ll be effective either way.

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5. WR Demarcus Robinson


Hometown: Fort Valley, GA

6-foot-2, 200 pounds. Rating: Four stars

Robinson bounced back and forth from Clemson to Florida twice but figured he’d fit in better with the Gators. He is that perfect big target guy on the outside that you can just throw the ball to and he’ll go up and get it. Don’t let his size fool you into thinking he doesn’t have speed because he has plenty of ability to stretch the field. After the catch he uses his big body well to rack up tons of yards after contact.

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4. DT Caleb Brantley


Hometown: Crescent City, Fla

6-foot-3, 305 pounds. Rating: Four stars

Brantley decommitted from the Gators after an early verbal in December but quickly recommitted. He’s a big body up the middle that can be a solid run stopper but he also has the ability to quickly penetrate the backfield to disrupt plays. Brantley has upside as a pass rusher but needs a little more work on using his hands more effectively to shed blockers. He has the potential to be a highly productive player up the middle but needs to be a bit more consistent to get to that point.

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3. OLB Daniel McMillan


Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla

6-foot-2, 220 pounds. Rating: Four stars

McMillan signed with the Gators in January and he could project to all three linebacker positions due to his size and athletic ability. He’s listed as the third best linebacker prospect in the nation and due to Florida’s lack of depth at the LB position he should play right away. However, if the Gators want him to he has the ability to put on more bulk and transition into a hybrid defensive end. The only thing he needs to work on is staying low and be at proper pad level to make contact and wrap up runners.

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2. RB Kelvin Taylor

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Hometown: Belle Glade, Fla

5-foot-11, 216 pounds. Rating: Five stars

Son to former NFL player Fred Taylor, the younger Taylor is just as talented, if not more. He’s one of those running backs that are low to the ground and hard to tackle. A good comparison would be former Alabama running back Mark Ingram as they are similar in size and playing ability. Tayor hits the hole with a sense of urgency and his rare collection of quick feet, muscular frame and under the radar quickness make him a nightmare for the defense. He will immediately make an impact for the Gators and he can be a special player for them in the near future.

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1. CB Vernon Hargreaves III

Kim Klement- USA TODAY Sports

Hometown: Tampa, Fla

5-foot-11, 185 pounds. Rating: Five star

Hargreaves is the No. 1 DB prospect in the nation and he’s probably one of the more college-ready players in recent memory. He’s still developing his size but every other physical attribute is there including speed, quickness and surprising strength. That strength comes in handy at the line of scrimmage where he does a great job of jamming the receivers off the snap. Perhaps his best trait is his ability to break on the ball but he’s also a tremendous tackler, especially in the open field. Hargreaves can quickly evolve into one of Florida’s top defenders once he gets a few games under his belt.