Texas Longhorns Recruit Tyrone Swoopes Is A Machine

By Spenser Walters
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Longhorns fans meet your playmaker of the future: Tyrone Swoopes.

 Swoopes is a freak of nature that is just oozing with talent. The kid stands 6’5” and weighs in at 229 pounds…coming out of high school…sweet fancy Moses that is a big boy.

He was recruited as an Athlete, despite being listed as an Elite 11 QB, out of Whitewright High School in Whitewright, TX. Swoopes’ highlight reel features him making plays on both sides of the ball, and no matter where Texas ends up playing the kid his impact is going to felt in a big way.

Texas is looking at having five quarterbacks on their roster for 2013, but I truly hope that does not make them decide to move Swoopes to another position. I normally shudder when I hear this next phrase I’m about to use, but for Swoopes I think there is a real possibility of it being true; this guy could be the next Vince Young, by which I mean an insanely good college QB and not a guy who drops $30,000 a night in clubs.

For a big guy Swoopes moves around very well. He runs the 40 in 4.77 seconds, has good vision, and just bowls over defenders. Then there is the fact that he throws a very pretty ball. In the aforementioned highlight reel he delivers some on the mark short throws as well as some wicked long balls. With a guy like Major Applewhite, who knows a thing or two about the quarterback position, as his offensive coordinator Swoopes could develop into an excellent QB. He already has stupid amounts of natural ability, just Red Shirt the kid and let him learn.

If Texas chooses to move him to defense he will still be a monster of a player for the ‘Horns. Swoopes has a great eye for the ball and is an interception machine. Did I also mention that he is huge and fast? Because he is, and that allows him to deal some damage when he make contact with the ball carrier.

Tyrone Swoopes is an excellent all-around athlete with the ability to be both a great quarterback and a nasty defender. Texas fans should get used to hearing his name a lot because he is going to play a key role in helping Texas reclaim its place at the top of the Big 12.

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