The Arkansas Razorbacks Could Take A Lesson From The Ole Miss Rebels This Signing Day

By Daniel Ellington
Andrew Weber-US Presswire

After an abysmal season in 2012 the Arkansas Razorbacks are hoping to get back in the title race and stop being the poor, mistreated stepchild of the SEC.  Having already secured running back Alex Collins from Plantation, FL and tight-end Hunter Henry from Little Rock, AR (#57 and #69 Top 300 respectfully) they need at least one or two more marquee players if they want to consider this a successful signing day.

Other teams like the Ole Miss Rebels, who signed number one overall Robert Nkemdiche earlier today, have been very aggressive in their recruiting and the laundry list of top players is the proverbial proof in the pudding.

Arkansas can take a cue from Ole Miss who strategically plucked great players from several different geographic locations.

From the Midwest they got #19 Laquon Treadwell and they had #34 Elijah Daniel until he signed with the Auburn Tigers just a while ago.

From in-state they snagged #195 Ryan Buchanan from Jackson, MS and #230 Kailo Moore from Rosedale, MS.

From Tennessee they picked up #234 Jordan Wilkins and #295 Mark Dodson Jr., and from the lone star state Ole Miss signed #271 DeVante Kincade.

By infiltrating the recruiting grounds of other conferences and signing some players low on the radar Ole Miss has managed to build an impressive incoming roster. Arkansas’ best hope now is that somebody else jumps ship and that just might happen because they scooped up Denver Kirkland not long ago and the day has just begun.

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