Today is Proof That It's Time For Lane Kiffin To Go

By Jack Jorgensen
Evan Habeeb-USA Today Sports

If it wasn’t clearly evident on New Year’s Eve that the Lane Kiffin experiment in Los Angeles is a failure, the results for the USC Trojans so far today may prove to be the nail in the coffin. The often criticized coach isn’t exactly exhibiting the best practice of getting recruits to commit and stay with that commitment.

A total of seven prized recruits in the last few months have flipped their decision to attend the southern California institution of higher learning. Just a few years ago, we were all sitting here watching athlete after athlete don the SC colors as we dreaded another few years of domination. Now, we’re watching these same athletes take a look at the school and quickly change their minds.

In my opinion, the final straw was the Sun Bowl against Georgia Tech. On paper, the Trojans should have walked into El Paso and beaten the honey out of the Yellow Jackets. Instead, they showed up unprepared, unenthused, and uninterested. All of those attributes you can solely blame on poor coaching. If I am a young man considering a top flight school, I want to know that my head coach cares 24/7 no matter what the circumstances. And, yes, that does include showing up for a bowl game even after a 7-5 season.

I was on the side that Lane needed to go after this season to prevent any further damage being done to the storied football program. By leaving Lane in this position, USC may very well be digging themselves an even bigger hole. With Oregon being the top dog in the Pac-12 and intra-city rival UCLA throwing the dirt on that hole, how much longer can Pat Haden let this go on? It’s time to hire someone that these high school kids can trust. Because, after all, the main ingredient in this whole recruiting process is just that, TRUST!


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