What Reuben Foster Brings to the Table for Alabama Crimson Tide

By Michael Terrill
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Auburn Tigers thought for sure they had all but signed Reuben Foster. Even when there was doubt that one of the nation’s top inside linebackers would commit elsewhere, the giant Auburn logo tattooed on Foster’s forearm allowed Auburn fans to rest easy. However, the Alabama Crimson Tide were able to convince Foster to re-commit to them.

What exactly does Foster bring to the table that Alabama does not already have? Nothing exactly new but he will certainly help the team pave a way to their next National Championship. College football has turned into who can stop Alabama, especially since the Crimson Tide will once again have the No. 1 recruiting class ranked unanimously by the top sports web sites. Foster will play a big role in getting the team to the big show in the near future. He will be stellar in run defense in which no running back will gain significant yardage up the middle on his watch. Also, he can be utilized effectively in pass rush situations.

The 6-foot-2, 228-pound superstar tackling machine clearly had the luxury to go wherever he wanted. Many expected him to attend Auburn considering he is from the city where the school is located. However, his favorite team growing up was Alabama and he wanted nothing more than to put on the Crimson Tide jersey with pride and begin the next journey of his life.

“I’ve been loving Alabama since a pup,” Foster said. “[I was] raised as an Alabama fan from my mom and my dad. I’m super excited. They can put me at that next level so I can take care of my little girl and my family.”

Even though part of Foster wanted to attend Auburn because he knew he could easily beat out the competition to start immediately, he knew it was more important to commit to a school that could potentially give him the brighter future. It is no secret players from Alabama go to the NFL and considering Foster is a huge family man that was very important to him.

Foster recorded 80 tackles, nine tackles for loss, five sacks and a forced fumble his senior year at Auburn High School.

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