Alex Collins Finally Signs With Arkansas Through Father's Signature

By Jeric Griffin
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Some recruiting stories are just too farfetched to believe. This is one of them, yet it’s actually true. On National Signing Day, Arkansas recruit Alex Collins‘ mother reportedly stole his letter of intent and then reportedly wouldn’t sign it. Whether or not the first part is true, the second certainly is. Collins’ mother, Andrea McDonald, would not sign the letter because she wanted her son, a South Plantation, Fla. native, to sign with Miami (Fla.). However, Collins got his wish on Thursday in a signing ceremony with the help of his father’s signature.

When comparing the Razorbacks and Hurricanes’ 2012 college football seasons, it’s easy to see why McDonald wanted her son to play for Miami. However, that wasn’t her reasoning; she simply wanted him to play college ball closer to home.

Now that’s a cute story–a mom wanting her son to stay close to home. However, if the reports that she stole his letter and disappeared with it are true, she needs her head checked. Collins is now a grown man, at least under the law anyway. If he wants to play for Arkansas, that’s exactly what he should do and thankfully his father realizes that, regardless of whether he’s concerned about where his son will attend college.

Of course, Collins says his mother was just worried about him and wanted him to make the right decision, which is probably true, but this story leads one to believe she’s a bit crazy. All’s well that ends well, I suppose. Collins is going to Arkansas even though his mother didn’t attend his signing ceremony on Thursday. But after hearing this story, he might have preferred it that way.

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