Brady Hoke's Not Going to be Happy: Michigan Signee is a Diehard Ohio State Fan

By Justine Hendricks
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan goes back a long time. It’s legendary, and the warm, fuzzy feelings between the two teams run deep – Wolverines’ coach Brady Hoke won’t even refer to the Buckeyes as “Ohio State.” So what’s a Michigan signee doing announcing that he’ll be an Ohio State fan “until I die”?

It’s probably a good thing Reon Dawson waited until after he sent his official national letter of intent to Michigan on National Signing Day to share that little tidbit, although he probably should’ve kept it quiet if he wanted a fair shot at actually playing for the Wolverines.

I mean, come on. Is there any better way to get in a coach’s doghouse, before you even set foot on campus as a freshman, than to admit you’re a really big fan of your team’s biggest rival?

“When we play (OSU), I’m gonna still bring my ‘A’ game. But I love Ohio State,” Dawson told the Dayton Daily-News. 

So why play for Michigan if you love the Buckeyes? Any true Ohio State fan would realize that doesn’t make a lot of sense, and honestly, what true Ohio State fan would even consider suiting up for the Wolverines?

Dawson, an Ohio native, was not offered a scholarship to Ohio State, but he had other options besides the Buckeyes’ biggest rival. A three-star cornerback prospect, Dawson was actually committed to Illinois before switching his allegiance to Michigan (using the term “allegiance” loosely, because apparently, his true allegiance is with OSU).

Recruits often flirt with both sides of bitter rivalries before making their final selection – but once they choose, they’re usually all in.

Signing with Michigan would make sense if Dawson wanted to stick it to Ohio State for not extending an offer (not that Urban Meyer would care one bit) but that obviously wasn’t his plan.

I’m really not sure what his plan was, but announcing to the world that he’s an Ohio State fan playing for Michigan was probably not a smart idea. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like in the locker room for a Michigan freshman who publicly declared he loves the Buckeyes? He’s going to be real popular in that locker room this fall. It’s bad enough being a freshman, but my guess is he just made his life a whole lot tougher.

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