Urban Meyer, Brady Hoke Wisely Oppose New NCAA Recruiting Rules

By Jeric Griffin
urban meyer ohio state recruiting
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The NCAA is just about the most unorganized and unintelligent governing body in all of sports at any level. Its rules regarding conference alignment (or lack thereof) are a complete and total joke and probably always will be because nobody has the guts to stand up and do something about it, but that’s another Rant. The NCAA’s latest boneheaded decision is a proposal that would basically give college football coaches free reign on recruiting, meaning that the word privacy won’t have any meaning for high school football players much longer. Naturally, two wise men in the Big Ten are taking a stand. God bless Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer and Michigan head coach Brady Hoke.

Speaking about the proposed rules that would allow recruiters “limitless communication” with high school players through text messages, printed material and social media. So basically any coach will be able to just text, tweet and message a recruit to death if these rules pass. Meyer hit the nail on the head when he called this “bad stuff” and “nonsense.” He pointed out that basically anyone can just roll into a kid’s driveway at any time, whether they sent a text announcing their arrival or not.

Hoke, the man who coaches Ohio State’s biggest rival, agrees with its coach. He backed Meyer up by saying the proposed rules are “a big-time mistake” and he’s exactly right. Hoke really brought the point home by saying “kids need to be kids.” These rules would turn 15-year-old kids (yes, coaches can start recruiting them that early) into pieces of meat to be “courted,” if you will, by these money-hungry coaches who don’t care about them, but just want them to play football.

Thankfully there men out there like Meyer and Hoke, who coach rival schools and battle on and off the field every year during games and on the recruiting trail, but agree that the recruits’ privacy is more important than winning in any aspect. Hopefully the NCAA realizes that and doesn’t make the horrible mistake of releasing all restrictions on recruiting communication.

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