Is Carl Lawson Ready To Start With Auburn Tigers?

By Daniel Ellington
Daniel Shirey-US Presswire

The Auburn Tigers are in rebuilding mode following a 2012 season that produced more bad headlines than good ones. After finishing 0-8 in their conference, the Tigers have something to prove to themselves, and the entire SEC this fall. Auburn has made some key strategic maneuvers to improve their odds lately, but a continuation of this trend will be the only way to greatness.

Carl Lawson is an integral piece of a winning equation. Lawson is a great asset to the Auburn defense, and should almost certainly procure a starting position at defensive end.

First, when Auburn started recruiting Lawson, giving him a starting position had to be the main selling point. With almost every school in the nation hoping to acquire the 6-3, 250 pound pass rusher, the recruiters at Auburn would literally have to be on drugs to sell him a bench seat with straight face.

On top of that, Lawson has an incredible work ethic. Under the tutelage of his father and his strength and conditioning coach at Milton High School, he developed from a 185 pound freshman into a 250 pound man child senior, and you don’t bulk up like that eating hot pockets and couch surfing.

The coach, who recently passed of cancer, was a major factor in Lawson’s passion for football and life in general. This close relationship he lost will undoubted be a strong motivating force for his success at Auburn both on and off the field. Lawson is ready now and if Auburn doesn’t start him, I would be surprised, especially since they’ll need his talents against the lightning-fast offensive of Texas A&M.

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