Former South Carolina RB Marcus Latitmore Inching Closer to Return

By Patrick Schmidt
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Former South Carolina running back, Marcus Lattimore is preparing to return to the football field this season and his first step toward that goal will take place at the NFL combine later this month.

No, he won’t be running a 40-yard dash or anything physical just yet, but he will be the subject to a battery of medical tests and exams as teams gauge the recovery from the injury he suffered vs. Tennessee in the ninth game of the season when he dislocated his knee that resulted in a torn ACL and LCL.

Lattimore also tore his ACL in a game vs. Mississippi State as a sophomore and came back to full strength as a junior prior to the season-ending injury. He had a first round grade prior to his latest injury, but now it’s a big question where he goes. Some are even wondering if he’ll get drafted at all, a scenario I find preposterous, he tore an ACL, he didn’t have his leg amputated. Just look how quickly Adrian Peterson recovered from his torn ACL.

I can envision a scenario where he gets selected on day two of the draft, especially to a team that owns multiple picks in the third round and can take a gamble on the health of Lattimore. The six-foot 218-pound running back is the ultimate wildcard in the draft and is as good as any running back in the nation when he has two strong legs underneath him, and football fans are hoping that Lattimore can get back to the form he displayed prior to the injury.

Appearing at the combine is just another hurdle along the way to his complete recovery and I expect to see him in pads this season, because I will never doubt the spirit and determination of Lattimore who is hungry to prove to the world that he will be back–and better than ever.

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