Great Signing Day Creates Surplus of Linebackers for West Virginia Mountaineers

By Mike Atkinson
James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The West Virginia Mountaineers have run into a problem. However, what a great problem it is to have.

See, on Wednesday, National Signing Day, WVU had such a good class, that it has run into a massive surplus at the linebacker position.

From the very first signee, the Mountaineers landed a number of different linebackers, both inside linebackers and outside linebackers.

All day long the Mountaineers brought in defensive recruits, most of which were linebackers.

WVU already had one linebacker on the 2012 squad who played well consistently through last season. This man is Isaiah Bruce, who was a freshman in 2012.

Now the 2013 recruiting class will give Bruce a decent amount of help at his position, incuding depth behind him for years to come.

Let’s take a look at the linebackers WVU brought in for the 2013 season.

The very first LOI WVU received on signing day was from Al-Rasheed Benton, a four star linebacker. Add four star linebacker Darrien Howard to the group. Now add three star linebackers Hodari Christian, Brandon Golson, d’Vante Henry and Isaac McDonald to that list of linebackers.

One would have to think at least one of these guys marked with high potential will be able to tap into that potential and develop into a defensive leader for the Mountaineers.

This is just more proof that WVU had the kind of signing day every team hopes for. Sure, it could always be better, but considering WVU isn’t used to bringing in this caliber of players consistently, I think it will be more than happy with its linebacking corps come football season.

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