Is Ohio State College Football's Most Dangerous Team In 2013 And Beyond?

By Corey Elliot


Greg Bartram-US Presswire

For much of the 2012 college football season there was much speculation as to where Ohio State would have ranked and who they could have competed with.

They would have been ranked second and played for the national championship against Notre Dame; they could have competed with anyone and they would have beaten the Irish.

You don’t agree?

Is it because the Buckeyes only won by three at Indiana or is it the fact that it took overtime to beat Purdue?

That’s funny. If my memory serves me right I remember Notre Dame hanging on for dear life against BYU while needing a miracle to beat Pitt at home.

Oh, what about Alabama? As fantastic as three out of four titles is, and without taking away from how good those teams were, if it weren’t for two consecutive years of BCS chaos that worked in their favor the Tide would have rolled elsewhere in a January bowl game both of the last two seasons.

So if you want to sit here and start picking apart schedules and margins of victory, please, be my guest.

Ohio State is damn good and college football fans know it.

It’s not just Urban Meyer, but, he definitely doesn’t hurt having on the sideline. It’s the team he kept together and the program he is putting together. I understand Ohio State was already a contender year in and year out but after what happened to the Jim Tressel era of success a future as bright as the Buckeyes have now was severely uncertain.

Enter Braxton Miller.

There was a moment in the 2011 season I will never forget.

Amidst the uncertainty and the speculation as to who would be the Buckeye’s new coach and whether or not they would ever get out of the hole they dug themselves, out of Ohio State’s darkest days, I saw one of the most promising moments I had ever seen in college football.

Freshman Braxton Miller scrambled out of the pocket and threw a 45 yard heave into the end zone, on the run and almost across his body. Ohio State beat Wisconsin 33-29 on the scoreboard but won by a margin that cannot be defined off the scoreboard.

The Ohio State was going to be okay. At that very moment you knew it more than any other moment from that point on– even when they hired Meyer.

Never mind the fact that Braxton Miller may already be the front runner for next year’s Heisman, if you don’t think that Ohio State could have competed for a national title this past year had it not been for it’s post-season ban you may need to go to your nearest immediate care center and get a check-up. The Buckeyes were good last season and they are going to be great this coming season. They won big in recruiting which only validates this argument even more. Not because I called Miss Cleo and predicted that all of these recruits will develop and pan out. No, the significance is much deeper and much scarier than that. It’s the basic fact that if Meyer can convince these kids to be a part of something now, having already proven they can run the table in the Big 10 conference, then how do you think he will fare in the future when he has BCS bowl appearances and wins—maybe even a national title–to use when convincing these four and five star recruits.

It may very well be a wrap for the Big Ten and for the rest of college football starting next season.

And you thought the SEC winning the last six national championships was annoying?

You haven’t seen anything yet.

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