Will Kevin Sumlin Stick with Texas A&M or Pursue NFL Openings?

By Patrick Schmidt
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M just put together its finest recruiting class in years, won the AT&T Cotton Bowl, defeated No. 1 Alabama, and had a Heisman winning quarterback, Johnny Manziel captivate the hearts of college football fans everywhere outside of Austin, Tx, but all that be coming to an end in the next year.

After an undefeated season at Houston and a highly successful first season with the Aggies, head coach Kevin Sumlin is sure to have the NFL inquire about his interest in joining the professional ranks. Adam Schefter reported earlier this winter that as many as three NFL teams inquired about Sumlin only to be rebuffed.

However, I think his answer could be different after the 2013 season if Manziel declares for the draft like I think he should and would after a successful redshirt sophomore season. I fully understand why Sumlin would turn down any and all NFL overtures with Manziel still having three years of eligibility remaining, but would you blame him if he followed Manziel to the NFL when that time came?

Two college coaches made the jump to the NFL this season when Oregon head coach Chip Kelly and Syracuse’s Doug Marrone took the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills jobs, respectively. Considering Kelly signed a deal that guarantees more than $30 million, Sumlin would stand to garner a similar payday with a productive 2013 season.

I know he signed a five-year extension for $17.5 million, but that pales in comparison to what he would stand to make in the NFL.

I’m not pushing Sumlin out of College Station by any means and I hope he sticks around Texas A&M for a long time and turns the program into a powerhouse where his success hopefully gets more African-American assistants head coaching jobs as a result. I am merely pointing out that the NFL will come calling and it’s hard to consistently turn them down.

Nevertheless, the Aggies will be a top-five team in 2013 and could be a team that extends the SEC championship streak to eight years running.

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