How Much Will The Kansas State Defense Benefit from Nick Ramirez?

By Daniel Ellington
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Last season the Kansas State Wildcat defense was very impressive holding its opponents to 288 points while the K-State offense scored 505 points overall, 172 of those points coming in the fourth quarter of games.

Coach Bill Snyder lost several key players on both sides of the ball, but still retained a great core of players and added some promising new recruits as well. One of those top recruits is Nick Ramirez.  The Wildcats should greatly benefit from the addition of this Missouri native and just might be playing in a major bowl game again with his help.

At 6’1’’ and 228 pounds Ramirez commands respect and must be considered when attempting to run it up the middle. Additionally, because he runs the 40 in 4.6 seconds he certainly has the speed to catch running backs or make quarterbacks stay honest in the pocket; although his pass rushing needs a little work.

With the Wildcats losing some star defense players Ramirez should easily secure a top spot at inside linebacker.  His massive stature should give a boost to the entire defense and I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a captain by mid-season.

When I watched his recruiting tape I noticed he possesses an elevated field awareness and rarely misses a gap assignment. Basically he surveys the entire field before he explodes on the ball carrier and then he exhibits textbook tackling at the time of attack.

According to the Kansas City Star Ramirez credits a trip to Manhattan, KS to watch the Wildcats final home game of 2012 when they beat the Texas Longhorns and secured the Big 12 Championship as motivation to sign with K-State. He said watching the fans storm the field inspired him to bring his talents to K-State instead of the Illinois Fighting Illini or the Missouri Tigers. Now all fans can do is wait to see if he lives up to his hype.

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