Will Alabama’s Three 5-Star Recruit Losses Affect The Football Team In The Future?

By Michael Terrill
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The Alabama Crimson Tide was able to recruit 26 outstanding prospects to make up the top class in the country. However, the team did miss out on three five-star recruits that they thought were going to commit to the program. Is it possible that not having these three recruits could hurt the football team in the near future?

Offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil, safety Vonn Bell and safety Tony Conner were expected to announce their commitment to Alabama but instead decided to sign with two different schools. Tunsil and Conner both signed commitments to the Ole Miss Rebels while Bell will be taking his talents to the Big Ten with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Tunsil is probably the biggest miss for the Crimson Tide considering he was the top ranked offensive lineman in the 2013 recruiting class and is ranked No. 5 in ESPN’s top 150. Considering Alabama has the top offensive line in the country it may not seem like a big loss, but Tunsil would have been a great left tackle for the team one to two years down the road.

Conner is one of the top safeties in this year’s class and there is a good chance Alabama is going to miss him quite a bit. The Crimson Tide will be forced to play against this physical defensive back who is just as good in run defense as he is at making plays in coverage. Conner is ranked No. 25 on ESPN’s top 150 and is the second ranked safety in the country.

Bell is one of the bigger safeties available and with his large frame there is plenty of room to pack on the muscle. He has a nose for the football and his incredible speed allows him to make plays that other safeties simply cannot do. The Crimson Tide was able to sign a four-star safety in this year’s class but that individual does not compare to the two men Alabama could have had.

Obviously, not having these three specific players will not break the bank for Nick Saban and his 2013 football team. However, there is no question these fine gentlemen could have given the Crimson Tide that additional edge to win another National Championship, not saying they won’t anyways. If there was ever a good reason for not having these signees it is that the team simply does not have enough room to play everyone they bring in. There is almost too much depth at several positions without enough scholarships to go around.

Overall, I would say Alabama is going to be just fine with the players already on the roster along with the incoming recruits.

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