Can Gus Malzahn Lead Auburn Back To Greatness?

By Daniel Ellington
John Reed-US Presswire

After a very disappointing 2012 season, the Auburn Tigers have chosen to bring back Gus Malzahn as head coach in hopes of changing the tide. Malzahn who was Auburn’s offensive coordinator from 2009 to 2011 is a proven winner, and should quickly turn things around for the Tigers.

For starters, Malzahn won the Broyles Award  for being the nation’s top assistant coach and helping orchestrate the Tigers BCS National Championship win. He was there when Auburn won their last title, and he knows what it takes to repeat that success.

Additionally, last season he led the Arkansas State Red Wolves to a national Sun Belt Conference title and a Bowl win against the Kent State Golden Eagles. The Red Wolves ended their season at 10-3 and 7-1 in the conference.

Next, Malzahn led an Auburn recruiting staff that gained some fabulous players on signing day. These new additions should have a significant impact on Malzahn’s ability to draw up the X’s and O’s this season. I predict he’ll be in the running for coach of the year if he squeaks out a winning record, especially if they win some key conference match ups.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt that Malzahn coached Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton during the Tigers’ run to the 2011 BCS National Championship. That year, Auburn outscored their opponents 577 to 337 and had four players named to the All-SEC Team.

Of course, Newton was eventually drafted No. 1 by the Carolina Panthers and stacked up incredible stats his rookie season.

Basically, Malzahn knows how to lead and understands the importance of coaching the fundamentals; however he isn’t afraid to look at the game from a different perspective and try new tactics. Malzahn has a blank canvass regarding the new group of elite recruits he recently signed, now he just needs to add some creative coaching to paint a winner picture.

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