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Go Watch The Tapes: Auburn’s Elijah Daniel

John Reed-US Presswire

My best friend doesn’t trust people who have two first names, which I think is completely ridiculous. If you’re one of those people, then stop reading now, but if you’re a sane individual, I urge you to check out the recruiting tapes on the Auburn Tigers new defensive lineman Elijah Daniel.

Being a big fan of watching the recruiting tapes on top prospects, both the professional and amateur, I thought Daniels’ footage was pretty amazing. From Avon High School in Avon, IN the Tigers picked up No. 30 overall Daniel on signing day along with other marquee recruits.

At 6’3” and 250 pounds Daniel is one defensive end that lives in offensive backfield like a fullback. Daniels’ is lighting-quick. It almost looks like he going off-sides as he consistently gets tackles for losses.

On one tape, he came from the far side of the field and pounced on the quarterback during on option play like a tiger does a gazelle. He literally ran past his own teammate and caught the QB right around the line of scrimmage.

What I really like about Daniel is his lateral quickness and seemingly effortless stop-and-go ability. Getting in the backfield fast is one thing, but chasing down elusive QB’s is a truly special skill. With the winning coaching staff Auburn has recently assembled, I think Daniels’ natural talent will be honed and perfected as the year goes on.

I dare say he may have the speed to catch the most elusive college QB there is, Johnny Manziel. Yes I know that’s a generous prediction, but then again, maybe not. You watch the tapes.

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