Can Baylor Bears Defeat Kansas State Wildcats In 2013?

By Daniel Ellington
Tim Heitman-US Presswire

The Kansas State Wildcats had a phenomenal 2012 season under the leadership of star quarterback Colin Klein, but their perfect regular-season record had one blemish: the Baylor Bears.

K-State started last season with a high octane offensive and continued that pace until week 11 when they traveled to Waco, TX for a 52-24 thumping. My question is, can the Bears repeat their success against Kansas State at Bill Snyder Stadium later this year?

No disrespect to Baylor and their execution on the field against K-State last year, but I think the Wildcats lost that game because they were looking ahead to the Texas Longhorns. When you’re playing well and the wins seem to be almost inevitable, sometimes you underestimate your competition and lose focus.

After a winning streak of 10 games, even the coaches can become lax on pushing players in practice or similar activities. I’m not saying that K-State experienced this winner’s amnesia, but I do believe teams get to comfortable when preparing for weaker teams. This phenomenon could also explain why the Alabama Crimson Tide lost to the Texas A&M Aggies last season.

On signing day, Baylor and Kansas State both signed some promising new recruits, which changes the dynamic slightly and should make for good football. Overall, I think K-State still maintains the advantage in this match-up, despite losing to Baylor last season.

One major reason I give the W to the Wildcats is because they’re hosting the Bears this season. For new recruits, some not familiar with the massive crowds, having the needed energy and cheers from the audience is vital in staying motivated.

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