Oregon State Beavers OL Coach Spurns USC Trojans Lateral Offer

By Kris Hughes
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the Oregon State Beavers fans aren’t the only ones convinced the future is bright in Corvallis because reports have surfaced today that OSU offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh turned down an offer to make a lateral move, at least in terms of position, and become the offensive line coach of the USC Trojans.

It may be a little too simplistic to assume Cavanaugh’s decision was only based on the internal struggles surrounding USC and the rumors of Lane Kiffin‘s impending demise, but one has to figure it played a role in his decision. It’s just as likely that Cavanaugh was impressed as many have been in the quality of the 2013 OSU recruiting class, which many have posited is the best in program history and undoubtedly the best in Mike Riley‘s short tenure so far.

Cavanaugh has a more personal connection to the Oregon State program as well. Offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf donated a kidney to Cavanaugh’s wife in 2007 to help her in a fight against kidney disease. That type of gesture isn’t easily forgotten and helps to build the type of camaraderie in a program that so often is reflected in success by the program’s athletes on the field.

This is what we’re starting to see in Corvallis.

Don’t count on Cavanaugh making another move anytime soon, unless it is to take an offensive coordinator’s role at a program where he just couldn’t down an offer due to the negative hit it would take on his future.

For now, Mike Riley’s o-liners will have some consistency, and as any college football fan knows, that consistency in the trenches is so often the difference between success and mediocrity.

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