Pat Fitzgerald Hopes Northwestern Games at Wrigley Will Aid Recruiting

By Connor Muldowney
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Pat Fitzgerald has become one of the premier Big Ten coaches and one of the most respected coaches around the country. He has been a solid recruiter and he is hoping that one selling point he can use to recruit becomes finalized.

The Northwestern Wildcats have begun talks with the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field management about a possible series of games that would begin in 2014.

Fitzgerald believes that the solidifying of this deal would greatly benefit recruiting for his football program:

“We’re trying to win a Big Ten and national championship and to have that attraction in recruiting where we can give young men the unique experience no one else can sell along with everything we already have was something that was very appealing to myself and my staff. We’re talking to kids we’ll see in future signing days and saying, ‘We’re going to be playing in Wrigley Field.’ ”

Not many coaches in college football, actually no coaches in college football, can guarantee their incoming players a chance to play at one of the most historic sporting venues of all time.

Fitzgerald already has a slight advantage with the location of his school(Evanston, Ill.) being so close to one of the most popular tourist attraction cities in the country: Chicago.

The Wildcats are coming off of a 10-win season and are definitely a team on the rise in the Big Ten thanks to Fitzgerald, but this possible deal starting in 2014 could potentially put them over the top.


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