Big Ten Deserves Pat on the Back for Agreeing to Not Play FCS Teams

By Jeric Griffin
barry alvarez big ten
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The debate of whether or not big-time college football programs should play against weaker opponents in the FCS (formally known as Division I-AA) will never end, but the Big Ten is trying its hardest to at least put and end to some of the drama. Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez seems to be getting bolder by the day as he made an announcement that Big Ten officials have “made an agreement” that they won’t schedule non-conference games against FCS teams anymore. Somebody should buy that man a Coke.

As mentioned, there are many who believe the tuneup games that powerhouse FBS schools play against weaker FCS teams are mutually beneficial since the smaller programs rake in the dough for the beating they take on the field, but I’m not one of them. No matter how much money is involved, nobody wants to watch a 70-3 thrashing of a team like The Citadel by a team like Ohio State (hypothetical example). It’s bad for the players, coaches, schools and fans; there’s no argument against that. Thankfully, it at least appears that won’t be happening anymore, at least not in the Big Ten.

Alvarez is really getting bold in his later years; first he steps in to coach his team in the Rose Bowl after half a dozen years away from coaching and now he’s stepping on toes for a good cause. Like I said, somebody needs to buy this guy a Coke. I’d do it myself, but it wouldn’t be cold anymore by the time it got to him.

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