Hawaii Warriors Sign 350 Pound Running Back

By Mike Atkinson
Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

The Hawaii Warriors just received an, um, rather large commit to their football program for 2014.

David Fangupo is a 6’2, 348 pound high school senior who will look to make a huge impact for his new school next season.

So we should be watching for Fangupo to lead the NCAA in sacks or pancakes, right? That is what one might think based off of his height and weight alone, but would you believe me if I told you he was a running back?

That’s right. The Warriors have signed a 6’2, 348 pound running back. Here’s the other big surprise, Fangupo is fast, agile and has speed equal to some regular-sized running backs.

That’s unreal, no? I mean seriously, who would be able to tackle that guy? It’s one thing to be big and run the ball, powering past people. It’s an entirely different thing to have that kind of speed behind that much weight.

I can’t wait to see Fangupo on the field. I honestly think he is capable of making quite the splash in the NCAA.

He ran for 534 yards on seven attempts his senior year. He also had seven touchdowns. If Hawaii uses this kid as a goal line back, there is no reason it shouldn’t score every time it is in the red zone.

I think the only reason lineman can’t be used out of the backfield is because they can’t usually hold on to the football. Not only can Fangupo hold on to the ball, but he has the speed and agility of any other running back as well.

This is a great pick up for the Warriors and one of the more interesting stories this off-season.

For video of Fangupo and another take, check out this article.

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