Jay Paterno, Phil Knight Must Give Up The Fight For 'Joe Pa' Legacy

By Corey Elliot
Andrew Weber-US Presswire

It’s time to leave Penn State, and all that baggage that now comes along with them, alone.

That include’s the family of the late Joe Paterno’s undying efforts to clear Joe Pa’s name of any wrong doing or knowing of the events that took place in State College, PA.

Just stop.

It has become a lot like the circus of wrongful death lawsuits and legal battles you often see after a murder or unexpected death that was result of someone or some thing’s wrong doing. Months, maybe even years after the incident you have family members the victim probably didn’t even know coming out of nowhere grieving and crying on interviews etc., soon followed by a lawsuit against the family of the murderer or company responsible for the death.

It doesn’t solve anything, it doesn’t change anything and it doesn’t make it all ok.

It’s selfish.

And for the Paterno family it is damn near ridiculous. Before Joe Pa passed away he he stated “With the benefit of hindsight I should have done more”. Done more of what, Joe? Your family swears left and right, up and down that you knew hardly any of the details about what was going on.

I’m tired of the family defending him. Jay Paterno constantly Trying to persuade the general public with semi-political tactics only seen in presidential campaigns and constantly stating Joe Pa’s case of innocence does nothing but annoy me and make himself look extremely selfish.

It’s bad enough that this all went on, it’s even worse that there are kids playing for Penn State that are paying for Penn State’s irresponsibility in one of the most covered up and ignored crimes I have ever known of.

Corey, he told his superiors. What else do you want him to do?!”

Gee, I don’t know. Maybe go to the police if not immediately but certainly after he realized nothing was done about it.

No, I don’t agree with the NCAA’s sanctions placed on the school but that’s neither here nor there. The fact of the unfortunate matter is that Penn State almost seemed like they had quietly tip-toed away from the headlines and the drama, silently putting the past behind them one day at a time until Phil Knight of Nike—who had Paterno’s name removed from it’s child development center—came out and changed his stance on the entire Freeh report that ultimately became the evidence that indicted Jerry Sandusky and unloaded a wrath of chaos on the administration at Penn State.

All this does is give the Paterno family false hopes that there can possibly be anything done to change what has become of Joe Pa’s famed legacy as a college football icon and most importantly as a person.

Now we have to be reminded of the disgusting incidents that took place for so many years, incidents that went on and on and on, one witness and a lot of talk through the grapevine, without someone doing what needed to be done from day one; go to the police and get rid of the disgusting evil that was Jerry Sandusky.

There is no defense or reasoning nor is there any logic or rational for Joe Paterno’s failed action to stop what was going on.

Joe Paterno may have been larger than life, he may have been all that college football once stood for, but with all due respect he failed to do the right thing and has since suffered deserving criticism for it.

No matter how big Joe Pa was, he is not bigger than the victims and the crimes committed and therefore it’s time the Paterno family, Phil Knight and every other Joe Pa radicalist stop.

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