Alabama Crimson Tide Signee Reuben Foster Catches a Quick Cat Nap

By Kris Hughes
(Kim Klement/USA Today Sports)

Alabama Crimson Tide 2014 commit Reuben Foster was one of the most highly-regarded linebacker in his class. Apparently his recruiting class is the only class he has that much interest in.

The below picture appeared on a well known LSU Tigers message board this afternoon:

Yes, that’s Foster catching a quick — or maybe, not so quick — cat nap in class. Almost as soon as the picture was posted, the following exchange took place in the Instagram comments beneath it:


Bahahahaha caught this n**** slipping… Who sleep standing up @fosterthakidd2

I swear sometimes my articles just write themselves. I guess Reuben Foster has better things to do than pay attention in class. After all, he’s about to be one of the privileged few to wear the Crimson Tide jersey.

Of course, there’s a chance that this whole thing was staged, but even if so — stupid. All it does is give me the opportunity to write about it, so here I go.

Regardless, it’s yet another case of “student-athletes” showing us just how little they care about playing school when all they’ve ever known — and probably all ever will know — is the pigskin.

Reuben Foster had better catch up on his sleep while he can.

The real world is waiting.

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