Dan Hawkins To Coach The CFL Montreal Alouettes

By Jack Jorgensen
John Rieger- US Pressiwre

Ladies and gentlemen, Dan Hawkins is back on a sideline as a football coach! Now before anyone tries to Google “Dan Hawkins NCAA Head Coach 2013”, I’ll gladly save you the time. Hawkins isn’t even coaching in the United States of America, much less a big-time college program. Instead, earlier today, Dan Hawkins was hired as the head coach of the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. 

This will be Hawkins’ first attempt at a return to coaching since being fired by the University of Colorado in 2010, after a highly unsuccessful run with the school. After compiling a 37-3 record at Boise State University in five seasons as coach, as well as garnering the school a national spotlight it still enjoys to this day, Hawkins accepted the Colorado job in December of 2005. His main job was to bring the Buffs back to the national prominence it enjoyed in the early-90’s. Well, it didn’t exactly work out that way.

Now, some attribute Hawkins’ failures in Boulder, Colorado solely on his handling of the quarterback situation. Actually, there’s a lot to that speculation. You see, Hawkins basically spent a lot of his tenure at Colorado trying to make his son, Cody Hawkins, the greatest QB in the history of the program. There was only one problem, Cody wasn’t really that good. Most of my personal memories of the Hawkins Era at the school consist of me asking the television why Cody was still in the game, constantly.

If anyone has any doubts about the theory above, please reference a 2010 contest against the Kansas Jayhawks as evidence. Up by 28 points in the fourth quarter, the Hawkins clan continued to air the ball out. This decision resulted in the biggest collapse in the history of Colorado football, a 52-45 Jayhawks win, and throwing the dirt on the coffin of Hawkins Era in Boulder. I didn’t use the “nail in the coffin” reference there because, let’s be honest, the coffin was shut air tight at that point, it just needed to be buried.

Now, maybe a trip across the border up north is what Dan Hawkins can use to rehabilitate his career. With there usually being a slew of college openings yearly, a few successful seasons even in Canada should put Dan right back on the map. Either way, I really do wish Dan Hawkins all the best, as I truly believe having his son as QB did cloud his judgement a bit at Colorado and created a snowball effect of bad decisions. Now if we see a headline about Cody being a newly minted Canadian quarterback some time soon, then I’d like to be the first one to tell the Montreal Alouettes, you deserve everything you get!


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