My Thoughts On The Arrest Of Four Alabama Crimson Tide Student Athletes

By Daniel Ellington
Daniel Shirey-US Presswire

By now, you’ve probably already heard that four Alabama Crimson Tide players were booked on second-degree robbery charges following an attack of two students on the Alabama campus.

Defensive lineman D.J. Pettway, linebacker Tyler Hayes, cornerback Eddie Williams and running back Brent Calloway allegedly robbed one student of his laptop and another student of his wallet. Additionally, Williams and Calloway were charged with fraudulent use of a credit card following the attack.

When I heard the first reports I was shocked and appalled like any decent human being, but after taking some time to analyze the situation, my perspective slightly changed. When I hear of stories such as this I always think, why?

Why risk so much for a rather meager reward? Why assault students at the same school they attend when everyone from the janitor to the gym coach knows their names? Where were their coaches at? And what they heck were they trying to buy?

I can’t answer these questions, however I do know a little bit about making bad decisions, like most of us, so here’s what I think. I think college players should get paid. With all the recent evidence highlighting concussions and lifelong injuries that may result from playing football at all levels, it seems to me that maybe a scholarship isn’t quite enough.

Many individuals and institutions make millions of dollars from these players’ blood, sweat and tears, but the players never see any of that money. I’m not condoning their actions, but I have been broke before, and it is a unique and peculiar feeling, especially if you’re surrounded by well-off individuals.

These young men made a poor decision and should pay the consequences. However, moving forward, the NCAA may want to revisit the rules and regulations pertaining to student-athletes and scholarship stipends.

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