Jerry Sandusky Scandal Costs Penn State $27.6 Million

By David LaRose
Andrew Weber- USA TODAY Sports

The Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal rocked Penn State and the college football world and even though a year has passed since the news broke it is still making headlines.

Since the scandal there have been plenty of news angles on the story including the Sandusky trial, Joe Paterno’s death, the Freeh Report and finally the unprecedented NCAA sanctions handed down to the Penn State football program. The scandal came at a large cost to not only Penn State’s national perception but to the universities bank account.

Not only did the school have to pay $60 million as part of the NCAA sanctions but Penn State finally released a final total for all of their legal fees and other costs deriving from the scandal. Announced today on a school website, the Sandusky scandal ended up costing Penn State a little over $27.6 million in legal fees, consulting and other outside costs.

The largest cost to the school was from the Freeh report, which included a $13 million price tag for board of trustees communications and the internal investigation into the scandal by former FBI director Louis Freeh. Nearly $7.5 million is paying for university legal services or defense. About $4 million is for other legal defense fees, including those covering three ex-school administrators facing criminal charges related to the scandal and subsequent cover up.

Now that the final numbers have been released the school finally hopes they can put the full matter behind them and move on. Sure they have already had an entire football season to do that but the scandal was still lingering over the program.

I’m not sure the program will ever completely get over the scandal but at least this puts an end to all of the legal questions.

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