OC Dan Roushar Leaves Michigan State: What This Means for the Spartans

By Scott Peceny
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When offensive coordinator Dan Roushar announced on Saturday that he would be leaving Michigan State University for the New Orleans Saints, Spartan fans everywhere rejoiced.

In 2011, Roushar’s offense was the highest scoring in school history, but in 2012, the Spartans’ offense sputtered and stalled.  Michigan State ranked 9th in the Big Ten in total offense, and scored only 20 points per game, good for 10th in the conference.

Roushar is a good coach- there’s a reason the Saints want him on their staff.  He works well with offensive lineman and tight ends, and I’ve heard personally from MSU players that he is well-liked.

But that doesn’t change the fact that he wasn’t the right man for the Spartans’ offensive coordinator spot in 2012.  Roushar’s play calling became exceedingly predictable as the season went on, and by season’s end was one of the least popular men among fans in East Lansing.

Calling plays for the 95th-best offense in the nation will have that effect.

Roushar’s reliance on the run and refusal to stretch the field led to a very predictable Spartan offense.  Running back Le’Veon Bell racked up 1,793 yards, but the Spartans struggled mightily when the ball wasn’t in his hands.

With Roushar gone, this leaves the Spartans with no play caller, a murky quarterback situation and an open competition for running back.  Whoever the new offensive coordinator is, they will inherit a team with many uncertainties going forward.

But that may be best for the Spartans.  What they had going last year certainly didn’t work, so a few new faces on the coaching staff and in the offensive backfield may be just what they need to improve.

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