The Perfect Fit For Big 12 Expansion

By Corey Elliot
Brian Losness-US Presswire

I don’t understand the Big 12.

At first, the conference decides they are fine at 10 teams, and now they want a conference championship game, which would make more sense if they expanded back to 12 teams.

While most have speculated and discussed the possibility of now independent BYU joining the conference, there really hasn’t been much to come from it beyond what-if’s.

As great of a fit BYU would be there is another school out there that is an even better Big 12 fit and it blows my mind that this has not become more of a serious discussion. Right around the region that the Big 12 used to occupy before adding West Virginia is where you will find my pick to join BYU in the Big 12 expansion plan.

Boise State is practically sitting there begging for a BCS conference—because the Big East automatic qualifier is on its way out the door–and the one conference that needs a solid addition like the Broncos is the Big 12.

So why haven’t the Broncos been a serious candidate to join the Big 12? Is it because of their stadium size? Is it their geographical location? I can’t understand it. Is the Big 12 trying to avoid BCS contenders by searching for mid-level talent like BYU? If so, then just add SMU and Houston and call it a day.

But as a close follower of the Big 12, and one of many who is tired of the SEC and their four to six teams that can contend for a national title year in and year out, I would like to see an addition to the conference that brings strength to schedules.

But then again, when it comes down to the bottom of it, all the money is the motive. Revenue sharing with other schools is bad enough for Texas and Oklahoma who want it all to themselves; after all, they have the conference’s best interests in mind, right?

Until the possibility becomes real I’ll just assume the conference is afraid of Boise State. I wouldn’t mind it, though.

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