NCAA Releases Findings of Self Investigation in Miami Probe

By Jack Jorgensen
Brian Spurlock- US Presswire

In the latest chapter of the saga between the University of Miami Hurricanes and the NCAA, the association held a teleconference today to discuss the findings of their self investigation, as well as the process moving forward. Now let me just forewarn everyone that the developments since the teleconference began at 2pm EST this afternoon have been nothing short of head-scratching, to say the least.

NCAA President Mark Emmert readily admitted this afternoon that there were indeed inappropriate actions taken during the initial investigation of the Hurricanes. The fallout was felt immediately. Even before the teleconference had started, it was announced that Julie Roe Lach had been relieved of her duties as VP of Enforcement for the organization. She will be replaced on an interim basis by Jonathan Duncan.

The actual teleconference itself was interesting. It was a little piece of history to hear an organization, heavily criticized throughout the years of improperly throwing its weight around, admit that they had goofed. This is something that a lot of us have been waiting to hear for years. It’s almost like that bully in school that you just wish would finally get theirs, and you’re there to witness it when they finally do. But things didn’t just end with the NCAA admitting that they were wrong and then moving on. No, that would’ve been too easy.

About one month ago when the NCAA first announced that they had taken missteps in the Miami investigation, Miami fans somewhat rejoiced, believing that they would be cleared of any wrong-doing and could return to business as usual. Well, that balloon of imagination was burst today with the velocity of a corner bar dart champion.

The NCAA will in fact move forward with its investigation of The U, just without the 20 percent of the information that was improperly obtained. So, more or less, after announcing they had made one of the biggest blunders in athletic investigative history, it was back to the norm for the suits in Indianapolis. Despite their major flaws, the NCAA is still going to pursue making the University of Miami its latest proverbial deer head on their hunting cabin wall.

Earlier tonight, believe it or not, things got even more heated. Miami President, Donna Shalala, issued a stern statement directed towards Emmert and the NCAA. Shalala insisted that because of the flawed probe, the investigation should stop completely and Miami should just be forced to sit out the rest of its self-imposed sanctions they placed upon themselves. Included in those sanctions were a two-year bowl ban and scholarship reductions.

Where and how this saga ends still remains to be seen. You basically have two participants engaged in a battle in which both parties are heavily flawed. This is like a boxing match in which the fighters just end up punching themselves in the jaw instead of each other. No matter how this ends, when it is all said and done, can we honestly look back and say that anyone was right in this case?


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