Maryland Terrapins and ACC Lawsuit Heats Up

By Dale Casler


Paul Fredericksen- USA TODAY Sports

By now, it’s no secret the University of Maryland Terrapins are taking their talents to the Big 10 following next season(Still not old yet Lebron!).  University President Wallace D. Loh announced the move back in November of 2012 to the shock of UMD fans all over the country.

It’s clear now that the move was made for money.  And even though the ACC immediately filed a lawsuit seeking the entire 50 million dollar fee for leaving the conference, the move to the BIG 10 will in fact ensure that all of the school’s sports survive.  And as bitter as most fans are, as time goes on, it doesn’t seem to be letting up.

The Terps defeated the Duke Bluedevils in basketball last Saturday at the Comcast Center and Coach Mike Krzyzewski said they would never see each other again.  He went on to state that the ACC is interested in playing teams that don’t abandon the conference.  Pretty harsh words for the departing Terps.  His words were meant not only towards the basketball team, but to the school as a whole.

Days ago, the conference announced that Louisville will be the school replacing Maryland in the ACC. Football brings in the most revenue and to be fair and honest, the Louisville Cardinals should be a fine addition to the ACC.  Their football team is more competitive than Maryland’s is and their basketball squad headed by coach Rick Pitino, offers the conference something of an upgrade.

Maryland Football hasn’t exactly been up to par lately and the basketball team coming off a huge upset Saturday against Duke, hasn’t been consistent in almost a decade. The split between Maryland and the ACC is starting to look mutual and certainly seems final.

Look for the conference to not back away from that 50 million dollar fee though.  Until Maryland takes to the field, courts, diamonds, mounds and arenas  as an official BIG 10 conference team, look for the lawsuit between the two to continue on until Maryland is out of the money they claim to need for their sports to survive.

With the arrival of spring training for the football team, the news of the subject should once again heat up.  It hasn’t stopped being the talk of the school and it’s only going to get worse as the school’s days with the ACC draw to a close next season.

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