Florida State Wins ACC Championship, But Loses At The Bank

By Jack Jorgensen
Bob Donnan- USA TODAY Sports

Before their Discover Orange Bowl win against the Northern Illinois Huskies, the 2012 Florida State Seminoles first made the trip north to Charlotte, North Carolina to play for their first ACC championship since 2005 against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The Noles were ultimately successful in that bid and were on their way to Miami. It was a major win on the field. But we’ve now come to find out that the night wasn’t quite as successful off the field, especially in regards to the checkbook.

It has now come out that Florida State University lost a total of $478,954.20 on that night. Ninety percent of that loss is said to be from unsold tickets. It’s pretty safe to say that rounded off, FSU lost a half a million dollars in one night. But when you start to look at the issues from that night, this situation really isn’t all that surprising.

The main problem from that night was the Seminoles’ opponent. Due to self imposed sanctions to the University of Miami, the 6-6 Yellow Jackets received the bid by default. A 6-win college football team is usually praying just to make a bowl, period. Here now was Georgia Tech with not only the possibility of making a bowl, but securing a BCS bid. To put it frankly, that’s absurd. Not many people are going to pay their hard earned money to watch their team play anyone who, on paper, they should wipe the gridiron with.

The second issue was the location of the game. Although it is right in the heart of what most consider ACC country, Charlotte isn’t exactly a happening destination to go watch a game of that magnitude. As those of us who watched the game on television can remember, the weather on that night wasn’t exactly favorable either. So couple the weather forecast on that night with the lackluster opponent and you have a recipe for disaster.

The ACC has said that they are already looking into measures to prevent something like this from happening again. What exactly those measures are haven’t been determined yet. Now I understand that because of Miami’s situation, their hands were tied with the opponent. But a new permanent and more favorable home for its title game would be a good place to start.


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