Teams We Would Like to See Notre Dame Play in the Future

By Korey Beckett
Brian Kelly Notre Dame
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Notre Dame has never been a school to shy away from huge regular season football games. Each year, the Irish consistently have one of the hardest schedules in the nation, and 2013 will be no exception with teams like Oklahoma, Michigan, Stanford and USC all back on the schedule. But with Michigan coming off of the schedule after 2014, who can fill the void of a key rivalry game each season? Here are a few teams we would like to see:

Texas: Much like Notre Dame, Texas is a money making machine. They have their own network (much like the Irish have NBC) and are steeped in tradition. The two haven’t played each other since 1996 and the Longhorns haven’t beaten the Irish since 1969. To see the two match up again would be a treat to two of the largest fan bases in the nation.

Ohio State: Both Ohio State and Notre Dame were the only teams to finish the regular season without a loss in 2012. With new Head Coach Urban Meyer, it would be a lot of fun to see a rivalry between he and Brian Kelly, and the rivalry would make sense geographically. The two fan bases already don’t like each other, but there isn’t enough “hatred”. The two can agree how much they hate Michigan, but for the most part, it’s a bit too “chummy” between the people of South Bend, Indiana and Columbus, Ohio.

Alabama: To say the 2013 BCS Championship was a disappointment to Irish fans is an understatement. It would be nice to see the Irish get another shot at the Crimson Tide, even if it means suffering another beat down. It’s a good measuring stick to see how far the program would be coming along each year if they were to face the cream of the crop. Plus, with all of the hype around their most recent game, networks would drool over a rematch, no matter how one-sided it would be.

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