Michigan's Brady Hoke Claims He Can Recruit Effectively Against SEC Teams

By John Raffel
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not a secret the Big Ten Conference is way behind the NCAA-football talent the SEC provides. It makes one wonder if coaches like Michigan‘s Brady Hoke are drafting the talent that can compete with teams like Alabama, Florida and Auburn.

The  2012 regular season and bowl season definitely showed the major differences between the two. But Hoke, especially when it  comes to recruiting, insists the Big 10 coaches are holding their own.

“There is no question. I think that is a little bit overblown — and the media does that. I remember being on teams here that could compete with anybody, so I don’t know why you couldn’t,” Hoke said. “This is all competition — we live our lives in competition. We always want to get the leaders and the best. So yes, these are the kind of classes we would like to have on a year-to-year basis.”

Michigan and other big Ten schools won’t exactly try to raid the SEC territory, limiting themselves to just the occasional pickups in Florida and deep-south states.

But Hoke acknowledges that the bulk of players that his school and others pick up when it comes to recruiting are from the Midwest, and it’s rather apparent that high school football is better, at least right now, in southern states than in northern or midwestern states.

Hoke would beg to differ.

“We are always going to be in national recruiting because we are a national brand. It changes yearly. We took nine guys out of the state of Ohio,” Hoke pointed out.


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