Mack Brown Sees David Ash as the Answer in Texas

By Corey Elliot
Brendan Maloney-USA Today Sports

If Mack Brown’s presser on Thursday was any indication of things to come this season I like it.

Other than the obvious fact that Brown read my article from last month, where I endorsed David Ash and encouraged the Texas head coach to do so as well, it looks as if his trial and error strategy at the most important position on the field has ended.

Ok, he didn’t read my article.

Regardless, Brown seems to feel the same way many Longhorn fans do about the situation.

“I think we are seeing David Ash as the clear-cut starter this spring,” said Brown.

I’ll let everyone take a moment to let this sink in.

It happened! It finally happened. Brown finally backed away from the indecisive ledge his coaching tenure was standing on. Somewhere between December’s fantastic Alamo Bowl and Thursday Brown finally did the elementary education it took to solve this massive problem on the 40 acres.

Brown gave Vince Young his full, undivided support at Texas and truly let it be his team. The results were arguably the two greatest individual performances in college football at the Rose Bowl and the national championship—arguably the greatest college football game ever.

Oh, and that Colt McCoy guy didn’t do too badly while he was under center either.

Both of these Texas legends were fully backed by Brown and his staff and after Thursday’s announcement it seems as if Ash now has the same blessing from his head coach.

Let this spring practice be the evolution of David Ash from a promising talent that needs nurtured and coddled with reassuring confirmation week to week to the Big 12’s best QB in 2013.

Thanks, Mack. With 19 of 22 starters returning and the nod given to Ash, things just might be getting back to normal this fall.

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