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Seven Reasons Why College Football is the Greatest Sport

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Seven Reasons Why College Football is the Greatest Sport

College Football
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Imagine this, it’s fourth down and the away team is forced to punt from its own end zone with only 12 seconds left in the fourth quarter of the last regular season game. It holds only a three point lead. All season long the home team players have busted their butts. All of the hours they have put into the gym leaves them just one win out of the National Championship game, with just one punt return left to save their season.

Everything this team has worked for all season comes down to this punt return. The ball is snapped, the kick is away clean and the ball is caught by the return man just past the 50 yard line.

The return man shoots down the field with uncanny speed. He picks up a few blocks, takes a hard cut, breaks a tackle and before the kicking team knows what happened he is all by himself on the way into the end zone as time expires!

The crowd of 100,000 erupts! Fans are literally jumping up and down in the stands, the cheerleaders fire the cannon and the players frantically rush onto the field! They are going to a National Championship!

This is why college football is the greatest sport that has ever been in existence. There is no experience like attending a big-time college football game under the lights on a Saturday night.

Here are seven reasons why college football is the greatest sport

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The Tradition

College Football
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The tradition throughout college football is something that not many other sports can offer. Nearly every team has some sort of ritual that was started a long time ago and has been passed down from generation to generation.

Whether it’s the fans, the players or the band, everyone at the school can participate in keeping the tradition alive, and that is simply amazing.

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The Cheerleaders

College Football
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Let’s be honest, not many sports can compete with the cheerleaders that some of these schools showcase every Saturday, which is another great reason to enjoy the sights and sounds of college football.

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Players Aren't Paid

College Football
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College football is one of the few big-time sports in which the athletes are not paid. This makes for a competitive, exciting experience. Players have motivation to play as hard as they possibly can. Many want to get to the NFL so they can finally make money, and those who don’t play for the love of the game.

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Every Game Matters

College Football
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College football is one of very few sports in which every single game matters. One loss, to any team, could be the difference between a National Championship appearance and a BCS Bowl appearance.

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The Environment

College Football
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No other sport offers the pageantry that college football boasts. The environment college football creates is astounding. There’s an electricity and buzz around campuses during the week before a big game, once Saturday comes around fans tailgate all day and finally when the game kicks off, college stadiums become some of the loudest stadiums in any sport.

Mascots dance on the sidelines, cheerleaders chant from behind the end zone and the marching band takes the field as the crowd goes berserk. There is truly no experience that can equal attending a college football game.

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The Coaches

College Football
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There is something about a college football coach who stays at a school and builds it up that just makes college football great. The opportunity for these coaches to teach these kids the fundamentals of football and help them make it to the professional level, gives college football a wonderful story.

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The Recruiting

College Football
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The fact that teams have to actually go out and earn their players for the future makes college football much greater than any other sport. Teams can’t just offer the players they want the most money.

We see this in professional sports far too often. Teams will just purchase the best players available and ride to a championship. In college football, teams have to work for their players.