The Next Step For David Ash

By Corey Elliot
Tim Heitman-US Presswire

David Ash was given the nod as the clear-cut starter but more than anything he needs to become the Texas Longhorns clear-cut leader.

Vince Young put a note in the locker room during the summer of 2005 before the Longhorns national championship season that stated “If you want to beat Ohio State meet me here every night for 7-on-7.”

That is exactly what I’m talking about.

Ash has to become that guy for Texas.

The calm and collected junior may not have the moxie and swag that Young had and that’s completely fine. He definitely doesn’t want to be someone he’s not. But he needs to become more vocal and in command of his team.

After all, if you’re the starting QB at Texas it is your team, David.

It’s not like he doesn’t have the tools necessary. He has a lot of talent he can rely on and work with. He just needs to place a lot of emphasis on working with them outside of the scheduled times. Sun up to sun down he has to be the voice in their heads.

Extra reps in the weight room, extra time studying film, staying after practice and organizing player workouts are all the basic things that should be expected of your “clear-cut” starting QB. But it’s deeper than that. Go to the movies with your linemen; go to dinner with your wide receivers, etc.

I’m not suggesting he isn’t building those relationships and chemistry, but, there is always room to improve and too much should never be enough.

He needs to evolve during spring ball and assert himself. When spring ball is over he needs to let everyone know the practice and the preparation is not. As much as I have harped on Texas for their struggles developing players, Ash has been the exception; he is right on track to emerge as a top-tier QB in college football.

I think we should stop waiting on the next Vince Young or Colt McCoy and watch the first David Ash, if you will, unfold right before our eyes.

Become legendary, David.

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