Should Collin Klein Have Worked Out In Other Positions At The NFL Combine?

By Amanda Staver
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Many former college players are trying to keep their NFL dreams alive, as the NFL Combine has been in full swing over the weekend. While some players are looking to show off their versatility by showing they can play multiple positions, one in particular stayed true to where he thinks he excels: former Kansas State Wildcats quarterback, Collin Klein.

Pre-combine talk had Klein working out with tight ends and wide receivers, but Klein opted to stick with the quarterbacks. Klein was originally started as a receiver with the Wildcats back in 2009, so the transition at the combine wouldn’t have been a stretch. Many have questioned his ability to be an NFL-caliber quarterback, even though he was a Heisman finalist and one of the most exciting and accurate quarterbacks in the Big 12 for the last two seasons.

Klein was pretty clear in an interview that he wanted to take the quarterback route:

I know I have the tools to do that. I know I bring a lot to a team at that position. That’s what I want to do. I’m going to pursue every door that I possibly can to play quarterback. Until every one of those is closed, I’m not really considering anything else.

His combine results put him somewhere in the middle/back end of the pack of quarterbacks. The scouts who were skeptic going in on him may be even more skeptical now.

My thoughts on Klein are that he is a great athlete with the size and speed that should earn him a spot in someone’s camp. He has the want, toughness and character to make it possible, but not being as flexible when it comes to a position switch may hurt him in the end. He is one of those players you’d like to see do well and be successful at the next level, regardless of the position.

But you have to hand it to him – he wants to be a quarterback and right now, he isn’t wavering away from that, even if he does know it may hurt his chances.

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