Weak Schedule Equals Big Expectations For Braxton Miller

By Corey Elliot
Jeff Hanisch-US Presswire

Braxton Miller will be a Heisman finalist next season.

He will also be fantastic in his spare time.

The Ohio State Buckeyes QB is going to be the QB in 2013 and he won’t have a lot of competition.

Ohio State faces California and three other sub-mediocre opponents next season while managing a very easy big ten schedule.

It is going to be a cake-walk for Ohio St. on its way to the Big 10 title game in Indianapolis. The biggest part of Ohio State’s success will be its junior QB.

Braxton Miller is going to have a season that will replicate what Troy Smith was able to do back in 2006. A lot of what Miller can do is very similar to Smith. The way he throws, his quick release and arm strength mixed with the snap fast ability to run the football. It is very similar to the abilities of Smith.

Miller will be leading a Buckeye team that has zero road blocks on their Big 10 schedule. The Buckeyes have fought their way back from the meltdown of 2011 to become the front runner for the Big 10 championship. The similarities between Smith’s Heisman season and the upcoming season for Miller are very creepy. Just like Smith, Miller will have no real test throughout the season that poses a threat.

The numbers that Miller will put up won’t be a product of a fantastic season overcoming opponents like Alabama, Texas or Oregon; he will simply capitalize off of an easy schedule.

However, because there isn’t anyone else that looks like they are Heisman capable, Miller will be the clear front runner in 2013.

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