Nick Saban Offers Eigth Grader Dylan Moses Scholarship to Play for Alabama

By Patrick Schmidt
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I wrote a story earlier this month about the potential top recruit in the class of 2014, Elijah Hand, and received feedback that it was far too early to start talking about next year’s top player when 2013 signing day hasn’t even happened yet.

Well if you thought that was too early, then you’ll love this – because I’m about to tell you about the potential top recruit in 2017.

His name is Dylan Moses, and he just received a scholarship from the two-time defending national champion Alabama over the weekend. As shocking as this may sound, it wasn’t even his first scholarship offer from the SEC because LSU offered the Baton Rouge athlete a scholarship prior to him starting eighth grade. Moses will attend University Lab High School, which is practically next door to LSU’s Tiger Stadium, next fall.

Moses is a 6-1, 215-pound running back and linebacker with a stupid 4.46 40-time and a ridiculous 34-inch vertical jump, but could grow into a defensive lineman if he continues to grow and pack on the pounds–which is a pretty safe assumption, considering he’s five years away from stepping foot on a college campus.

I don’t know about you, but when I was in eighth grade, I was primarily focused on passing my social studies tests, which girl to take to the ice cream social, what the hot lunch item of the day was and how this class clown was going to stay out of detention.

Nick Saban and Les Miles are two of the game’s best coaches in college athletics, but I have to wonder if this all just a bit too much, too soon for a kid that is three years removed from getting his driver’s license. I remember Chris Leak getting an offer when he was in middle school from Wake Forest earlier this decade, but I think the NCAA should outlaw giving scholarship offers to children that aren’t even in high school.

Let’s hope that Moses remains committed and focused not just on the football field but also in the classroom, and doesn’t get lackadaisical, because he could be a great player to watch in the future. As everyone knows, a lot can change in a moment, let alone five years.

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