Breaking Down The Oklahoma Sooners Defensive Players At The NFL Combine

By Amanda Staver
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the NFL Combine has come and gone, we get to talk about how everyone did and if they improved or hurt their chances.

I am partial to defense, so this is usually one of my favorite parts of the combine. It wasn’t a super impressive performance by the defensive players as a whole, save for a couple players. The circus revolved around Manti Te’o like most thought it would, and even he didn’t exceed expectations.

I broke down the offensive Oklahoma Sooners‘ players who participated in the combine, so it’s time to break down the defensive players. Let’s start off with Tom Wort.

Wort, at one time, was one of my favorite players to watch on the defense.

Insert defensive changes and 2012 and that all changed. Wort had just an average combine. Going in, he wasn’t expected to be an impact performer in the drills and his 40-yard dash time seemed to be a little slow, compared to what we have seen out of him in the past.

The Sooners Pro day will give him a chance to improve that time, but as for draftability, I am still on the fence. He will probably get invited to a camp and could be a major use on a team needing special teams players.

Speaking of disappointment, we move on to Stacy McGee.

There is no way to determine what scouts thought of McGee since he didn’t compete in any of the drills at the combine. Most sites, including, have him listed on the edge of not draftable.

With the off-the-field issues he had and then not working out at the combine, McGee will unfortunately be a name that gets overlooked when coming off the draft boards.

Last, but certainly not least here is Tony Jefferson. I expect Jefferson to be one of the first Sooners picked at the draft, even though his combine results were just a shade above average. Out of the Sooners who participated in the combine, he is one of players thatdoes have a legit chance of doing well in the NFL. Size, speed and agility are all working in his favor.

March 13 is scheduled date for Oklahoma’s Pro Day. Again, it isn’t where you are drafted; it’s what you do afterwards.

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